Clinical study

A randomized MR cross-over study with volunteer healthy subjects – the prevalence of the blockade is visualized in vivo

  • Research area: Regional blockade

  • Primary investigator: Martin Vedel Nielsen

A randomized MRI cross-over study with volunteer healthy subjects.

We are setting up a randomized cross-over study with 22 healthy volunteer subjects collaborating with our sister group in Aarhus. The costotransverse blockade was initially developed as a blockade with three inserts. With this experiment, we want to investigate whether we can achieve the same clinical effect with just one injection (even fewer risks and increased comfort for the patient). Volunteer healthy subjects are randomized to resp, and 1 or 3 inserts and vice versa a week later. An MRI contrast agent is added to the blockade, and the subjects are immediately after the blockade is applied MRI scanned to determine the exact areas – and especially which nerve structures – are involved in resp. 1 vs 3 inserts. We hypothesize that one insert will be sufficient to cover the nerves that supply the chest. After scanning, subjects are tested with standardized stimuli to test the dermatomal spread of the blockade.