Clinical study


  • Research area: Intensive therapy

  • Primary investigator: Lone Museaus Poulsen and Sarah Weihe

Clinical Frailty Scale for prediction of 30-day mortality in an unselected ICU population.

A patient’s functional status before the critical illness is one of the best measures of the resources needed to benefit from intensive medical therapy. Therefore, intensivists focus on describing the patients’ functional level as accurately as possible, but there is no consensus or excellent knowledge about which conditions matter most. However, there is much to suggest that overall measures such as fragility and comorbidity are most important. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether it is practically possible to describe patients’ pre-hospitalization status with the Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS) and the Comorbidity-Polypharmacy Score (CPS) and whether the two tools as a whole are better able to predict how patients tolerate critical illness and intensive medical therapy.