Centre for Anaesthesiological Research (CAR) is the clinical research unit at the Department of Anaesthesiology at Zealand University Hospital (ZUH). CAR leads and coordinates research within the Anaesthesiology specialty at ZUH.
As anesthesiologists and intensivists, we receive and treat a wide range of patients who all place their lives and well-being in our hands. As a research unit, we want to live up to this trust and create the foundation for evidence-based treatment and patient care, whether it is in connection with anesthesia or postoperative pain treatment, treatment of life-threatening illnesses at the intensive care unit, during acute illness or trauma in the emergency ward, or in the treatment of chronic pain.


The vision of CAR is to conduct and promote clinically relevant research that ensures the best treatment of patients balancing benefit and harm, both in the operating room, in the Intensive Care Unit, and other sites with anaesthesiological involvement. The aim is thus to promote scientific and evidence-based treatment, observation, and care for the benefit of patients, by conducting, advertising, and supporting both basic and clinical research of the highest international level.


In terms of research, we see every patient course and process as an opportunity for analysis and optimization. We consider any point in the patient’s path to the hospital as an opportunity to perform research to ensure the best treatment outcomes. We always want to ask ourselves ‘can we improve this,’ and ‘how do we ensure that the patient receives the best treatment’?


Professor Ole Mathiesen is leading CAR. The research unit consists of several main research areas, each led by an experienced researcher. The Section for Anaesthesiological Nursing Research, headed by post-doc, ass. Professor Anja Geisler, leads and coordinates research within the nursing environments at the Department of Anaesthesiology, ZUH.