Clinical study


  • Research area: Clinical anaesthesia

  • Primary investigator: Anne Wikkelsø

Better pain management after caesarean section – MOTHER TRIAL

Severe postoperative pain is experienced by 45% of patients undergoing caesarean delivery. Intrathecal morphine is used internationally and praised for its long-lasting effect. However, the practice is based on a low level of evidence, and the balance between pain management and possible adverse effects remains untested. The MOTHER trial aims to evaluate if 80 µg intrathecal morphine provided during spinal anaesthesia compared to placebo improves 24 hours pain management with an acceptable level of adverse events in patients undergoing elective caesarean section. We are planning a randomised placebo-controlled pragmatic trial of 1,300 patients in 8 Danish centres, and to assess patient-centred outcomes, enhanced recovery, and possible neonatal adverse events. Women are culturally expected to feel pain at delivery, but we aim to improve the care of women giving birth by caesarean section, and hopefully this will improve the experience of early motherhood and aid mother-child bonding.