Clinical study

In collaboration with CRIC, the department participates in several multicenter studies

  • Research area: Intensive therapy

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Classic is based on the Collaboration for Research in Intensive Care (CRIC). The purpose of the experiment is to investigate whether overhydration associated with fluid resuscitation of septic shock contributes to multiorgan failure and death. In the standard group, patients are treated with fluids according to the standard of the ward (control group), while in the restrictive group (intervention group), only intravenous fluids are given according to specific criteria. The intervention continues for up to 90 days after randomization, and the primary outcome is 90 days mortality. A follow-up study is also performed on patients one year after randomization, examining the quality of life and cognitive status.

Køge participated in the CRIC trial HOT-ICU, a multicenter, randomized study of the difference in effect on oxygen therapy to obtain paO2 8 and 12 kPa, respectively. We included close to 10% of the 3000 patients in the study, and the results were published in January 2021. No difference in 90-day survival could be shown between the two oxygenation targets. One criticism of the study was that it was a very heterogeneous group of patients included in the study. No distinction was made with pathophysiology, but only with oxygen requirements. HOT-COVID will lead to a certain extent to remedy this, as the study only includes patients with COVID-19 AND high oxygen demand.

Goal-directed fluid removal with furosemide in intensive care patients with fluid overload Another multicenter, randomized CRIC trial. As in the Classic experiment, the starting point and hypothesis is that overhydration affects organ function and survival. The primary outcome is days alive outside the hospital within 90 days, but differences in the need for supportive organ treatment between patients who have received standard treatment and recorded drainage, respectively, are also looked at.
The primary investigator in Køge will be Lars Nebrich